FlyBy E6B

FlyBy E6B

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FlyBy E6B

SkyWriter Software

v1.01 20 June 2010

Wind Component- Wind speed in Knots only.
Fuel Temperature Conversion- Added Fahrenheit.
MDA- Changed Groundspeed variable.
Cold WX Correction- Added temperature unit label (c).
Track and Distance- Added labels and increased button size.

v1.1 25 June 2010
OS 4 tested.
Added help information screens to all functions.

v1.2 25 July 2010
Added user requested Relative Humidity, Heat Index, Cumulus Cloud Base function.
Fixed view animation when returning from inactive state with keyboard displayed.
Added high resolution icons and images for retina display.
Fixed saving values when program terminated in iOS4.
Changed keyboard type in ETA input.
Added color to main menu.
Fixed Mach# using TAS temperature unit.

v1.3 13 October 2010
Added Google Mapping of Great Circle Track and Distance function.
Added NOAA METAR and TAF access.
Added Menu button for quicker access to the main menu.

v1.4 31 October 2010
Added user requested SCDA calculation (Stabilized Constant Descent Angle) and VDP/PDP (Visual Descent Point) to the Vertical Nav menu.
Added IAS Using MACH# (Indicated Airspeed from a known MACH# and Pressure Altitude) to the Airspeed menu.

v1.41 26 November 2010
Changed menu artwork.
Changed SCDA to show Temperature Corrected MDA. Removed Temperature Corrected RoD.

v1.42 22 December 2010
Requires iOS 4.1
Added large number keypad. To hide the keyboard you can now touch anywhere on the screen outside of input areas, or touch the "Done" button.
Added "Time from Fix" to VDP function.
Added user requested function: Vertical Nav->Feet per Nm %. Conversion of gradient climb in percent to gradient climb in Ft/Nm.

v1.43 8 January 2011
Fixed view animation when using a physical keyboard.
Added Wind Chill calculation to Weather-> Relative Humidity function.
Added gradient climb in percent result to Vertical Nav ->Rate of Climb function.
Added screen rotation (landscape) feature to METAR/TAF and Google Map functions.
Added "Send suggestions and feedback" item to About screen.

v1.44 12 January 2011
Added numeric input filtering for all number inputs.
Fixed numeric keyboard comma. The keyboard will now automatically convert the comma to a decimal period. Only applicable to users who have their devices set to country specific Region Formats that use a comma as a decimal.

v1.50 7 February 2011
-Added user requested Radius of Turn based on True Airspeed and Bank Angle.
-Renamed existing Radius of Turn function to Rate One Turn.
-Added DAFIF airport data file to Track and Distance function.

v1.52 20 June 2011
- Setup speed units now changes distance units to match.
- Added Other Products, FlyBy Nav to About screen.
- Added user requested fuel density values lb/US gal, kg/L.

v1.53 15 July 2011
- Added Other Functions category to main menu.
- Added user requested Linear Interpolation function.
- Added user requested cargo functions: Minimum Floor Load limit and Maximum Cargo Weight.
- Changed startup screen.

v1.54 August 2011
- Added user requested Turning Stall Speed function.
- Added user requested indicated altitude and altimeter inputs to Density Altitude calculation.

v1.55 Sept. 4 2011
- Minor bug fix (low memory crash).
- Removed "Turn Off Airplane Mode or Use Wi-Fi" message.
- Fixed Density Alt. function negative button option for TOAT input.

v1.56 Oct. 9 2011
- Removed vibrate alert after weather received.
- Added user requested altitude units selection. Now supports altitudes in meters or feet.
- Added user requested Time Adder function to Time/Speed/Distance menu. Time Adder is a unique spreadsheet like function for adding an unlimited number of time values. Can be used to double check aircraft logbook addition or flight log eta’s.

v1.57 Oct.20 2011
- Added Favourite Functions menu. You can now create your own menu list of the functions you use most often.
- Minor bug fix: (null) display in Altitude units.

v1.58 Oct. 2011
- Added user requested subtract time feature to Time Adder.
- Minor bug fix: (null) display in various units.

v1.59 Nov. 2011
- Added user requested feature: Off-Course Correction to Navigation menu.
- Minor artwork changes.

v2.0 15 Dec. 2011
- Added iPad functionality (universal App.)
- Changed Setup airspeed recovery input to slider control.
- Minor bug fixes.

v2.1 17 Jan. 2012
- Added two missed approach altitudes to Cold Wx Correction function.
- Added ability to drag departure or destination pins to new location on map.
- Added groundspeed and time enroute to map view.
- Fixed label font size, (eta).
- Fixed map view type. Now loads previously selected map type.
- Added warning message if WiFi requires log in for weather request.
- Added cancel button to weather trash alert view for iPad.
- Added +- buttons to Setup airspeed recovery input slider control.
- Changed iOS requires to 4.3 (was 5.0).
- Fixed Turning Stall Speed calculation.
- Minor layout and bug fixes.

v2.11 21 April 2012
- Added TAT and SAT labels to temperature inputs.
- Added ISA temperature deviation to Density Altitude function.
- Added Time to Descent Angle function.
- Added Flight Path Angle (FPA) to Rate of Descent function.
- Fixed Map: Heading Groundspeed input screen rotation layout (iPad).
- Fixed Map: (null) displayed when no ident input for map pin location.

v2.12 06 May 2012
- Fixed RoD when using Kph and meters
- Fixed SCDA when using Kph and meters
- Fixed VDP when using Kph and meters
- Fixed Critical Point when using Kph

v2.13 June 2012
-Heading and GroundSpeed function now uses True Course instead of Magnetic Track.
-Added valid field elevation check to Cold Wx Correction function.
-Added MACH Crossover Altitude function.

v2.14 July 2012
- Artwork changes to iPhone layout. Split input and output areas.
- Added ability to change iPhone main menu background colour. (Old menu was hard to read in bright sunlight.)
- Fixed rounding error in ETA function.
- Added Rate App. reminder.
- Added Rate App. to about screen.
- Changed Distance/Length title to Distance/Speed/Length.
- Added Whats New view to highlight new feature.

v2.15 Sept 2012
- Removed iCloud backup of main waypoint data file.
- Added runway slope calculation to Other Functions menu.
- Added radial distance Fix feature to Track and Distance.
- Added dew point to density altitude calculation.

v2.16 Nov 2012
- Added Altimeter Setting to airspeed calculations. You can now use indicated altitude instead of pressure altitude. The Altimeter setting is localized to the airspeed functions so that you can leave the standard value (29.92) if you fly above transition altitude.
- Minor bug fix. Map view crash on exit.
- Setup now includes Runway & Visibility Units for Feet or Meters. Used for runway distance units in runway slope function, Other Function cargo units and visibility distance in Time to MDA function.
- Time Adder function updated for iOS 6 issues.
- Changed distance/speed abbreviation labels.
- Fixed crossover altitude function, SCDA, VDP and Wind Component when using units other than Knots.
- Fixed Map view groundspeed display after setup unit change.
- Added metric units to Other Functions Min. Floor Load Limit and Max. Cargo Weight functions.
- Added user requested QFE/QNH to conversion functions.
- Fixed 60 minutes displayed when time should read one hour in ETA function.
- Fixed Density Altitude function when degrees fahrenheit and meters units used.
- Added device location data to map display. GPS button will display: Speed, True Course, Altitude, Distance Remaining, Track to Destination, cross track error, estimated time remaining and estimated time of arrival. New center lock switch will keep current location centered in map display.
- Fixed map view region after pin moved. Will no longer zoom out after moving a pin.
- Minor bug fixes.

v2.17 December 2012
- Added ability to use negative numbers in Linear Interpolation (iPhone) function.
- Added DME Arc function to Navigation menu.
- Added DMS coordinate conversion function.
- Added ability to save airport and approach altitudes in Cold Wx Altitude correction function.
- Added ability to connect with external GPS units like the Bad Elf GPS Pro. New airplane icon can be used to display current location on the map view.
- iOS 5.1 now minimum OS.
- Added iPad retina display graphics.

v2.18 Feb. 2013
- Added "closest airport" feature to map view. After moving a map pin you will see a list of closest airports that you can "snap" the pin to. If your GPS is ON you can also snap the departure pin to your current location.
- Added requested Planned TAS and Planned MACH# functions. They are the same calculations as TAS using CAS and TAS using MACH# but use an actual outside air temperature (TOAT/SAT instead of indicated (IOAT/TAT).
- Added requested Feet/Second conversion to Distance/Speed/Length function.
- Fixed iPad PAlt function screen.
- Improved Track and Distance map performance after pin moved.
- Improved GPS loss of signal notification.
- Changed font size used in time (Hours /Minutes /Seconds) selectors.

v2.19 May 2013
- Added requested PAX Weight function to Other Functions menu.

v2.20 May 30, 2013
- Added Fixed GroundSpeed function to Time/Speed/Distance menu.
- Minor bug fixes.(Wind Speed units always in kts).

v2.21 July 2013
- Changed Setup screen close button function to only run device specific method (iPhone or iPad).
- Changed Rate of Descent Distance. Now one decimal place retained.
- Fixed Setup + button would not move Ct to 1.0. Added Ident labels to airports in map view. Fixed memory leak on map view. Fixed Setup screen crash in iOS7.

v2.30 Nov. 2013
- iOS 7 conversion and images.
- Artwork changes to iPad layout. Split input and output areas.
- Added ability to change iPad main menu background colour.
- Added one decimal place to Passenger Weights for use with kilograms.
- Added screen brightness control to iPad version.
- Added "recommend to a friend" to About page.
- Added "pinch to zoom" feature to Metar and TAF page.
- Changed iOS requires to 6.0 (was 5.0).

v2.40 January 2014:
- Added World Magnetic Model.
- Added requested sunrise/sunset function.
- Added VNAV to Conversion functions (Gradient%/Feet per NM/Angle).
- Added automatic magnetic variation calculate buttons to Track and Distance page. If you change the coordinates of the departure or destination the location's calculated magnetic variation can be used by pressing the displayed "Var:" button.
- Magnetic variation is now calculated for map pin locations after a pin move/drop.
- GPS tracks can now be selected to display True or Magnetic values.
- Fixed map wind button visible after screen rotation when GPS data displayed.
- Fixed map view "freeze" on Fix page for iOS7.

v2.41 25 Jan. 2014
- Added AIM Cold Wx Altitude Correction chart.
- Fixed iOS 6 crash when selecting new Favorite menu items.
- Minor bug fixes.

v2.42 04 Feb 2014
- Fixed: Vertical Nav/Distance + Time, iPad menu item not working.

v2.50 05 March 2014
- Added requested BARO-VNAV VPA Deviation function to VNAV functions.
- Fixed: Occasional iOS7 crash of iPad Map view when Close button pushed.
- Changed minimum screen brightness control value.
- Added Auto Position Update switch to Sunrise/Sunset. This feature allows the function to use your current position and speed to estimate the trip sunrise and sunset values more accurately.
- Fixed sunrise/sunset map sun icon position not changing from dates March 2-12.
- Centered favorite function titles in iOS 7.

v2.51 22 March 2014
- Added second decimal place to D-M.m output.
- New Xcode 5.1 iOS 7.1 compile stops crashing when leaving info views.

v2.52 20 April 2014
- Added requested Kelvin to Temperature Conversion.
- Added requested one decimal place to Wind Component outputs.
- Added requested ISA Deviation to Weather functions.
- Added night area shading to Sunrise/Sunset map view.
- Fixed iPhone screen brightness on DMS conversion screen.

v2.53 May 2014
- Changed Sunset Route waypoints default loading. No longer uses Track and Distance ICAO identifiers. Function will now save its own route waypoints.
- Added requested Vref CAS function to Airspeed functions.
- Added requested Charter Weights and Average Weights to Pax Weights function.

v2.54 June 2014
- Added Location Services enabled check when selecting GPS modes.
- Bug fix Pax weight function onscreen keyboard was wrong type for top two inputs.
- Map view GPS Data now checks to see if Location Services has been turned on.
- ISA Deviation function restored.

v2.60 November 2014
- New requested feature added to Time/Speed/Distance: "Journey Log Time". Now you can double check your time calculations before entering them into your aircraft's Journey Log Book.
- Lots of fixes and adjustments in support of iOS 8.
- Added location services for iOS 8.
- Changed minimum iOS version to 7.0.
- Fixed Sunrise/Sunset function ETA minutes rounding error.
- Changed keyboard to dark color.
- Bug fix! Finally found out why Close button was not working on some functions running on iPad.

v2.61 February 2015
- Cold Weather Altitude function:
1) Added "Sort" feature to automatically sort the airport list.
2) Added 100 NM Safe, TOCA (take-off obstacle correction altitude), and a custom altitude.
3) Added iPad Chart View to easily visualize corrected approach altitudes.
- Enhanced Favorite menu icons. "Add to Favorite" star button added to all function screens. Enabled swipe left and Edit to delete favorite item.
- Added iPhone 6 Plus images.
- Fixed main menu background image not updating on iPhone.
- Updated World Magnetic Variation model.

v2.62 March 2015
- Added two custom single touch buttons to iPad FMC menu. Now you can add your two most frequent functions to the main menu for quicker access.
- Added "Show Favorite Menu at Start" to Setup menu. If you prefer to always show your Favorite menu this will load the Favorite menu automatically after the program has restarted.
- Added iPhone Cold Weather Chart View to help visualize corrected approach altitudes.

v2.63 April 2015
- Bug fix. iPad FMC R5 and R6 buttons were not working correctly.

v2.70 December 2015
- iOS 9 update.
- Added requested HH:MM format option for Journey Log Time function.
- Added requested fuel density option to fuel conversion functions. If you know the actual fuel density (lb/US Gallon, kg/US Gallon or kg/Liter) you can select that instead of fuel temperature.
- Improved Journey Log function ability to save values if program quit unexpectedly.
- Fixed Descent Angle FMC button not working on iPad.
- Bug fix for iOS 9.1

v2.71 January 2016
- Journey Log function bug fix.

v2.73 June 2016
- Bug fix. Unassigned FMC button crash.
- Cold Wx Altitude added a night mode background for approach diagram. Fixed 100NM safe input unit label. Adjusted Custom altitude unit label to fit meters.

v2.74 Aug 30 2016
- Bug fix. NOAA METAR and TAF server update.

v2.75 January 2017
- Added Feet/Minute to distance conversion function.
- Fixed rounding of 60 minutes in Sun function.
- Changed screen brightness slider so that screen brightness does not reset to system brightness after screen lock.

v2.76 April 2017
- Requested change: Journey Log labels from "Air, Fight" to "Flight, Block".
- Added China RVSM Airspace Flight Level table to Altitude menu.

- Changed weather url to https:
- Leaving Weather will now cancel download request.
- Added Feet/Minute to distance conversion function for iPad. 8 Aug. 2017
- Fixed Sunrise/Sunset, From ident not restoring correctly after Auto update selected.
- Many small layout changes. Increased size (iPhone) and enhanced airplane icon on Map View. Selecting GPS data now automatically shows your current location.
- Added startup note about new version changes.

- Tracking button state was not selected on correctly when GPS Data started.
- Changed SCDA function to display Temperature Corrected Rate of Descent value when below zero degrees. Removed rounding of Temperature Corrected values.
- Changed brightness control for iPad version. Should now adjust to system brightness.

- Bug fix for new Temperature Corrected Rate of Descent SCDA function.

v2.81 7 March 2018
- Added Weight Shift formula to Other Functions menu: C.G. Change, Weight to Shift and Distance to Shift.

v2.82 22 Nov 2018
- Added ability to customize two more altitude labels in Cold Wx Correction function.
- Added link to Privacy Policy.

v2.83 Nov 2019
- Fixed China RVSM FL display
- Fixed T/S/D GroundSpeed calculation when Km used as default distance value

v2.90 Jan 2020
- Added new function: Equal Time Point.
- Adjusted all iPad screens for new iPad OS.
- Reduced screen colors and improved "Night Mode" compatibility.
- Changed heading mode in map view. It now refreshes displayed track label to true or magnetic.
- Metar page now automatically loads latest metar.

v2.91 March 2020
- Added new iPhone Device Altitude function to Altitude menu.
- Added iPhone option to display FMC buttons in Setup Menu.
- Mach# can now be entered without decimal.
- Other Functions menu now scrollable.
- Fixed Metar auto load "nil" displayed on first run.

v2.92 October 2020
- Updated AIM Altitude Correction Table to March 26, 2020 data.
- Changed all text input area background colours for iOS 14.

v2.95 March 2021
- Added flight notes and date fields to Journey Log Time Function.
- Added Share button to Journey Log Time Function. Can now AirDrop, Message, Email or send to Notes days flying data.
- Added confirmation alert to trash button in Journey Log Time function.
- Added "SPECI" if METAR is special observation.
- Added countdown timer to monitor weather request timeout value.
- Fixed Min. Floor Load Limit not loading from Favourite menu.
- Removed UIActionSheet from Fuel Conversion drop down menu. Replace with UIAlertController Nov. 21,2020
- Changed UIActionSheet to UIAlertControllers.
- Fixed Track and Distance Longitude text box colours.
- Updated to use WKWebView for PDF views.
- Fixed Favourite Menu selected item colours.

v2.98 Sept. 2021
- Fixed Journey Log Time flight time and Block time values not updating properly if rows move out of view.

v2.99 01 Oct. 2021
- Fixed Journey Log Time flight time and Block time values not rounding up correctly.
- Added empty row check to Journey Log Time. Will no longer automatically add another row if last row values are zero.

v3.1 1 Dec 2021
- iOS 15 update. Title bar background image.
- Fixed METAR and TAF crashing when not on secure internet connection.
- Fixed Track and Distance map type selection out of view.
- Track and Distance Map minor layout changes.

v3.12 June 2022
- Fixed Runway Slope function unit selection (Meters).
- Fixed Map/Hybrid/Satellite selector in Map view.
- Fixed METAR crashing when incorrect ident format entered.
- Fixed METAR (null) output.

v3.13 July 2022
- Added current time stamp to Journey Log Time function.
- Removed forward and back buttons from Journey Log Time function.

v3.14 July 2022
- Fixed bug in Sunrise/Sunset/Route auto speed input.
- Increased Journey Log function iPad window size.
- Fixed map view crashing after map type selection.

v2022.3.5 December 2022
- Added split screen (50% Landscape) view capability for iPad version.
- Adjusted all views for different iPhone resolutions.
- Fixed floating negative button in conversion functions.
- Changed version number format.
- Optimized Fix map view computations.

v2023.3.6 January 2023
- Fixed iPhone Journey Log calendar button not working on iPhone 8.
- Adjusted Journey Log Time frames.
- Added Cancel button to calendar view.