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The aircraft data contains simple average cruise performance. We have included many different aircraft types with data from pilots currently flying that type. Feel free to add/edit/delete any of them. You may store an unlimited number of different aircraft types here. The Cost input is used for quick charter calculations using cost per statute mile. The program always rounds off to the nearest mile when multiplying the rate by the distance. The performance data does not include altitude or climb descent data, so you will have to take that into consideration by inputting a "Flight Time Bias" and "Fuel Burn Bias". Most pilots have a rule of thumb such as add 5 minutes and 400 pounds of fuel to the cruise data to take climb and approach into consideration. The higher and faster your aircraft flies, the more you will have to add to the Bias values.
When the Flight Time Bias has been applied to the calculation you will see an asterisk "*" beside the Ground Speed input line. This is to let you know that the value displayed is not the average ground speed but the "cruise" value. The same is true if a Fuel Burn Bias has been added you will see the "*" beside the Fuel Flow input line. Note: If your aircraft performance varies considerably from season to season you could create one aircraft with winter data and one with summer data. Simply end the Type with W or S. For example, BE-100W for winter and BE-100S for summer. After you have selected your aircraft type press OK and you will return to the main Nav screen.

Pressing “OK” will transfer the new parameters to the main FlyBy Nav screen.