Fuel Timer v1.6

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This program was designed to assist helicopter pilots with their in-flight fuel calculations.

After inputting the start time, start fuel, end time and end fuel, the program will calculate your fuel burn rate. It will also calculate the time your fuel will run out as well as your fuel reserve time.

New: Feb. 2009

Version 1.6 fixed Burn Out Value.

To install, simply click on the screen below and then run the self extracting zip file.

Palm OS ®

Palm OS - Fuel Timer

Download CAB file directly to your device: FuelTimer_ARM.CAB

Windows Mobile®

Windows Mobile - Fuel Timer

Fuel Timer - Cockpit Picture Review for fuel timer.

"This fuel timer program is one of the best cockpit aids I've come across lately and it's so easy to use. It literally reduces the time spent inside the cockpit from minutes to mere seconds doing fuel computations. In the environment I fly in, that's really important. You can use it several ways. I found that I can set up with a specific fuel amount and write in an amount that I anticipate stopping at and hit "start". When the aircraft fuel amount is equal to the "end" amount, I simply tap "now" and my computations are done and to whatever reserve time I set. Thanks, you've made my job a lot easier. CW5 Jim Myers, US Army"

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