July 2000

The Palm III

By Martin Hollmann

“Another really great program for your Palm III is "FlyByNav v1.1" from SkyWriter Aviation Software, website www.skywritersoft.com. This program is a flight planner that allows you to enter your aircraft’s performance, wind data and airports, VOR, VORTAC, NDB, Intersection, or other waypoints by latitude and longitude. "FlyByNav" calculates the track, distance, ground speed, ETE, gallons of fuel needed, and ETA and displays this on the screen. All airport and other fixed information can be entered. A database of more than 2,600 airports with "flight guide-airport and frequency manual" type information also is included.

You may say that your GPS does this for you. Yes! It does, but it is important to plan your flight before you get into the aircraft to turn on your GPS. A free trial program of the "FlyByNav" flight planner can be downloaded from SkyWriter’s website. The purchase price is $29.95, and with the purchase, you get a free "FlyBy E6B" program, which does everything that you have ever wanted to do except wash dishes.

Both of these programs alone are worth the purchase of the Palm IIIe. There are other free download programs, which can be found on the "Handango" website at www.handango.com.”

Martin Hollmann is an aircraft designer who has been instrumental in designing and contributing to the design of a large number of composite aircraft. His Stallion kit is available through his company Aircraft Designs, based in Monterey, Calif. Visit Aircraft Designs online at www.aircraftdesigns.com.

Excerpted from an article by Martin Hollmann, In Flight USA On-Line, July 2000.